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How to Avoid the Most Frequent Causes of Death

Introduction This Straight, No Chaser reviews the most frequent causes of death and how to avoid them. It is interesting and curious to hear everyone obsess over how esoteric and r
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD December 16, 2018

Flu Prevention without Receiving the Vaccine

Introduction This post discussion flu prevention options. Many people choose not to get the influenza vaccine (the “flu shot”). There are various reasons for this decis
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD December 5, 2018

Flu Myths and Questions

Introduction This Straight, No Chaser addresses flu myths and address a few frequently asked questions.Every year 36,000 people die and over 200,000 are hospitalized each year due
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD December 4, 2018

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Introduction This point highlights patient rights and responsibilities. Even if you didn’t know it, you have rights as a patient. In 1998, the U.S. Advisory Commission on Consume
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD November 27, 2018

25 Tips That WILL Increase Your Life Expectancy

Introduction Want to increase your life expectancy and live better longer? You may want to keep this post. I haven’t exactly found the Fountain of Youth, but I do know what activ
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD November 22, 2018

The Intersection of Health and Happiness

Introduction – Merry Christmas! Shouldn’t we be pursuing life, liberty health and happiness? That’s why we’re hear. Straight, No Chaser isn’t a medi
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD December 25, 2018

Straight, No Chaser Diabetes Vlog

Diabetes Vlog The Straight, No Chaser vlog (video blog) series presents “health care basics” to keep you safe, healthy and out of the emergency room. Today’s Straight
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD November 12, 2018

Diabetes Basics and the Importance of Education

Introduction Today we focus on diabetes basics. Diabetes is a disease in which education is vital. For a diabetic, knowing the disease well allows him or her to better prevent long
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD November 11, 2018

What You Must Know About X-Ray Safety

Introduction X-ray safety is as important as using x-rays for proper evaluation. After the question of “Can I get an x-ray,” the next most common question I get (which should b
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD November 7, 2018

X-Ray Basics and Your Questions

Introduction In this post, we’ll review your questions and some x-ray basics. “C’mon, Doc. I just want to be sure!” If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a million t
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD November 6, 2018

Treating Halloween Mishaps

Introduction In the previous Straight, No Chaser, we offered you tips for a safe Halloween. However, safety tips are only as good as your inclination to use them. Even when an ou
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD October 31, 2018

Halloween Health Tips

Introduction Have you ever said the phrase “Halloween safety tips?” Well, are you taking the young ones trick-or-treating this year? Straight, No Chaser and the Cent
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD October 30, 2018

Breast Cancer Risk Factors

Introduction A concerning reality is breast cancer risk factors tell the story of acquiring breast cancer. Even as a physician, I am left to think about the horror of risk factors.
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD October 26, 2018

Even More Breast Cancer Myths!

Introduction We’re continuing from the earlier post with more breast cancer myths, well because you have so many questions!  In fact, I’m doubling up on what you received
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD October 25, 2018

Five Breast Cancer Myths

Introduction Breast cancer myths: are you afraid of them? Before I get into the details of what you need to know about breast cancer, it’s important to clear the table of som
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD October 24, 2018

How to Perform the Breast Self-Exam

  Introduction Beginning in their 20s, women should be aware of the benefits and limitations of breast self-exam (BSE) as a screening tool for breast cancer. Women should know
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD October 23, 2018

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Introduction How’s your breast cancer awareness? Breast cancer affects so many of us. If it doesn’t affect you or your family as well, I hope it’s not because you hav
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD October 22, 2018

The Day You Get Diagnosed With HIV

Introduction This blog focuses on the conversation physicians have with patients newly diagnosed with HIV. It is the seventh and final blog in the series on HIV and AIDS. To read
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD October 18, 2018

How’s Your Dental Hygiene?

Introduction If you ignore your teeth, they’ll go away. You may not think that bad dental hygiene can land you in the emergency room, but it does! One thing in particular I’ve
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD October 11, 2018

Tips to Avoid SIDS and SUID (Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths)

Introduction Whether you’re expecting, a parent or even a grandparent, most have heard of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Unfortunately, what you’re really concerned about
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD October 2, 2018
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