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Back To School Tips For A Healthy Transition

Back to school season is an exciting time for children of all ages, from preschool through college, as they head into a new academic year full of new experiences, lots of learning,
By Clyde August 15, 2019

Reviewing Common Skin Rashes

Introduction This Straight, No Chaser post reviews a few common skin rashes. The guide features in-depth discussion on several of them. Common Skin Rashes Here are a few of the mor
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD August 12, 2019

August is National Immunization Awareness Month

We highlight the importance of vaccinations for people of all ages each August during National Immunization Awareness Month. This is the perfect reminder for you, your family, and
By Clyde August 1, 2019

The Tortured Mind of a Genius

Introduction This Straight, No Chaser looks at the attributes of genius and focuses on the seemingly tortured mind of many such individuals. Lately I’ve been thinking about a
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD July 29, 2019

Handling the Wide Variety of Bites!

Introduction This Straight, No Chaser guide addresses the different types of bites that we need to address, especially in the summer. How many times have you been bitten so far? Th
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD July 22, 2019

Increase Your Productivity With The 72 Hours Life

Whether it’s in your personal life, at your job, or as a parent, each of us is looking for ways to be more productive. We all have the same 24 hours in the day to fit in all
By Clyde July 15, 2019

Summer Conditions You Should Be Able to Address

Introduction This Straight, No Chaser post discusses a variety of conditions likely to be present in the summer. A previous post was a guide to avoiding summertime sports injuries.
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD July 15, 2019

Avoiding Sports Injuries in the Summer

Introduction This post discusses summertime sports injuries. It’s not just kids that get injured in the summer having fun. Those of you weekend warriors, recreational and act
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD July 8, 2019

Stay Sun Safe During UV Protection Month

Every July, we bask in the warmth of the sun’s rays. For some parts of the country, it’s a much-anticipated welcome from the long, cold months of winter. Although, even
By Clyde July 1, 2019

Heat Awareness: Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke

Introduction Heat awareness is the topic of this Straight, No Chaser post. With climate change in full effect, “hotter than July” is becoming increasing less likely. Wh
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD July 1, 2019

June is PTSD Awareness Month

Introduction June is PSTD Awareness Month. Let’s get aware! We have become dangerously close to normalizing the amount of stress with which we live as individuals in a societ
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD June 24, 2019

Men’s Health Awareness Month

Introduction We like to use Fathers’ Day to launch Men’s Health Awareness. Join us, and continue the love and support you offered the men in your life! Take a moment to think t
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD June 17, 2019

Healthcare Consulting Services from Dr. Jeffrey Sterling, MD

At Sterling Initiatives, we provide and implement solutions for administrative, operational, financial, and clinical challenges for state governments, healthcare systems, hospitals
By Clyde June 15, 2019

National Safety Month – Are You Protected?

Introduction June is National Safety Month. Did you know that injuries are the leading cause of death for Americans ages 1 to 44? There are many things you can do to stay safe and
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD June 10, 2019

Alzheimer’s Disease and Brain Awareness Month

Introduction This post discusses Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month. Do you have a normally functioning brain? Are you concerned about subtle or obvious changes in your me
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD June 3, 2019

Risks of Sun Exposure and Skin Cancer

The sun on our skin feels good and provides us with a healthy dose of vitamin D. That sounds like a good thing, right?  Well, the truth of the matter is that despite how much we l
By Clyde June 1, 2019

Tips to Curb Your Late Night Snacking

Introduction Need to curb your late night snacking? Straight, No Chaser contributor Sandra Gultry returns with tips to help you! Tips to Curb Your Late Night Snacking After-dinner
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD May 30, 2019

Empower Yourself During Mental Health Month

Introduction May is Mental Health Month. Accordingly, Straight, No Chaser wants to use this opportunity to empower you. We all have challenges. Therefore, let’s focus on the
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD May 27, 2019

Managing a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Introduction Managing a Healthy Work-Life Balance Straight, No Chaser welcomes Laurie Larson to our contributor panel to discuss creating and maintaining your work-life balance. Th
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD May 23, 2019

National Asthma Awareness Month

Introduction It’s National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month! Let’s get up to speed with some information provided by the American Lung Association. Asthma Awareness M
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD May 20, 2019