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Straight, No Chaser: Ask An Author – Behind the Curtain with Dr. Jeffrey Sterling

By Jeffrey Sterling, MD July 21, 2019

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It’s a day before I get to experience the feeling of walking past my book in a bookstore (nationwide wherever books are sold) and readjusting it so it appears more prominently… I want to take this opportunity to thank my publishers and agency at Brown Books in Dallas for the robust and enthusiastic embrace of my effort with Behind the Curtain: A Peek at Life from within the ER. I know several authors. I say that with a degree of reverence. They embrace writing with a passion and perform with layers and levels of complexity that is beyond skilled or mere creativity. With Behind the Curtain, I fancied myself being a story-teller, a communicator and simply someone sharing experiences as part of an ongoing attempt to improve the lives of those within my reach. When asking my friends at Brown Books (if you’re an aspiring author, you’d do well to contact them) what made one an “author” instead of just being a “writer,” I found the answer fascinating. It appears that I’ve been an author for a few years. Authoring is about getting the public to engage in the ideas and stories you share. I am very pleased that Straight, No Chaser has compelled hundreds of thousands of you to examine aspects of how you live your lives and your approach to health and wellbeing. Behind the Curtain will definitely do that but in a much more entertaining manner!
Here are some questions and answers about the book from The Agency at Brown Books.


A servant-leader in healthcare, Dr. Sterling is a national and international advisor, entrepreneur, physician, consultant, speaker, and author, and he specializes in public health, consumer healthcare education and prevention, hospital and provider administration, global healthcare and business infrastructural development, and pharmacoeconomics. As the founder of Sterling Initiatives, LLC, and Sterling Medical Advice, he holds dual roles as the president and CEO of both organizations and also helms company subsidiaries including SMA Health Library, SMA LiveChat, Sterling Medical Wellness, and 844-SMA-TALK.
Additionally, the MD and MPH empowers anyone, anywhere to become better stewards of their own care through his blog Straight, No Chaser, where he shares daily, in-depth information and solutions with more than 32,000 digital followers. Now, Dr. Sterling is expanding his publishing channel with the 2015 launch of his debut title, Behind the Curtain, on July 24. Revealing and unflinching, his new release offers an unfiltered look inside the real-life traumas and triumphs that define emergency medicine, and today, he’s giving fans an exclusive peek at the experiences that inspired his first book.
What motivated you to write Behind the Curtain? “Throughout my career, I’ve been reminded time and again that most of us spend our lives in denial about who we are, what we do, and our susceptibility to the consequences of what we do. I wrote Behind the Curtain to hold a mirror to the public. In the ER, people tend to reveal their truest self, not the representative ‘character’ they present in polite company, and I hope that this book illustrates that we’re not as uniform as we pretend to be – and that we’re not as invincible as our often oblivious actions would suggest.”
What was the most significant question you sought to answer in writing your first book? “I wanted to address many of the significant feelings and questions my patients struggled with, like ‘Am I the only one who feels this way? Am I the only one who does this?’ The answer is always a resounding ‘no.’ We live in an amazingly diverse world, and it’s unfortunate that people feel as if their choices aren’t able to be more freely expressed. We’d do better to empower folks’ choices with information to support their decisions.”
What do you want your readers to take away from Behind the Curtain? “That life is meant to be lived and enjoyed, and it is best done so by making educated decisions in advance of bad things happening.”
Head to to order your copy of Behind the Curtain and submit your RSVP for coast-to-coast book launch events! For more from Dr. Sterling, tap into his Straight, No Chaser vlog series, Health Basics/8 Ways to Stay out the ER, and to discover his pioneering healthcare initiatives, please visit and connect with him on Facebook and Twitter. #####
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