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Happy Healthy Hour!

By Jeffrey Sterling, MD July 17, 2019

happy healthy hour
Everyday from now until happily ever after, choose one of your 24 hours to be your Happy Healthy Hour. Devote it to healthy meal prep, a run around the neighborhood, an intentionally quiet time for self, a workout with a friend who makes you laugh … You pick. Of course some days you may have to multitask, but make it a part of your daily routine and notice how doable a Happy Healthy Hour really is.
There’s definitely a correlation between healthy and happy. Choose healthy today and chase the grumps away.

We’re here for you, so while you make your health a priority today, reach out to your team of personal healthcare consultants at 844-SMA-TALK. We can inform and advise you on living life to the healthiest based on your personal history and health risks.

Call anytime, 24/7, and share our number with your friends and family!
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