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Time is Money

By Jeffrey Sterling, MD March 29, 2020

Pay Here

Have you ever wasted time in an ER? How much did that unnecessary ER visit cost you? On average, the cost would be about 40 times more than a monthly subscription to or a phone call to 844-SMA-TALK.

Our mission at is to give you the medical and healthcare information you need–right where you are. Then you can avoid the time and expense of an unnecessary trip.

Register at or call 844-SMA-TALK. Connect with your personal healthcare consultants 24/7. Then SHARE us with your friends and family, please. Thank you.

Thanks for liking and following Straight, No Chaser! This public service provides a sample of what (SMA) offers. Please share our page with your friends on WordPress, Facebook @ and Twitter at @asksterlingmd.
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