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Tee Off

By Jeffrey Sterling, MD May 28, 2020

golfGolf is fun, right? Fresh air, long walks (you are walking, right?) and good waistline-trimming motions (when you’re a pro, unlike me) while trimming the lawn… It’s a great option for exercise that won’t limit you to a gym if you’re the type to prefer to be outside. It’s also a great reason escape the cold of winter.
Grab your clubs, and tee off with your favorite SMA expert consultant. Take advantage of your subscription and chat about any health or medical questions you have about your body’s reaction to being out in the elements.
We’re available for you 24/7, even while you’re on the course. However, you have to keep your own score, and we don’t give Mulligans. Contact us at or 844-SMA-TALK.
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