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By Jeffrey Sterling, MD January 21, 2020

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You’ve heard about us. Now go experience the difference. We’ve provided you access to physicians, dentals, pharmacists, nutritionists and mental health professionals in a way that’s way more convenient and way less expensive than an emergency room visit.
Register at and receive

  • immediate, 24/7 access to medical and healthcare experts for personalized advice and information
  • email access to medical and healthcare experts from all specialty areas with a 24-hour guaranteed reply
  • unlimited access to medical and healthcare information through answers to over 1,000 frequently asked questions
  • unlimited access to medical information through expanded versions of Straight, No Chaser

You may also contact us immediately at 844-SMA-TALK (844-762-8255). We’re standing by to assist you.
Thanks for liking and following Straight, No Chaser! This public service provides a sample of what (SMA) offers. Please share our page with your friends on WordPress. We are also on Facebook at and Twitter at @asksterlingmd.

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