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From the Health Library of "What is Roid Rage?"

By Jeffrey Sterling, MD July 16, 2019

roidrageroid rage1

Excessive anabolic (muscle-building) steroid use has many well-known side effects, but one of particular interest is the development of behavioral changes.  ‘Roid rage’ (short for steroid rage) is often an early symptom of heavy anabolic steroid use.  Symptoms start off with hyperactivity and excitability (mania) that is followed by recklessness and aggressiveness.  Users also discover a diminished need for sleep.  Curiously, for some (e.g. athletes), this ‘side effect’ is a desired effect.  It gives some users the extra motivation needed to work out harder and perform more aggressively during competition.

Unfortunately, roid rage is followed by a downer phase.  The depths of the depression experienced sometimes leads to suicidal behavior.  Forewarned is forearmed.  There’s a better way.

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