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Straight, No Chaser: The Week in Review – October 6, 2013

By Jeffrey Sterling, MD July 20, 2019


As fall settles in, I’d like to invite my readership to enjoy additional content on Facebook, Twitter and Google+; look for me on Facebook at and at Twitter at @asksterlingmd.
On Sunday, we begin the week looking at one possible aspect of trauma from trampolines – elbow dislocation. It is important to be aware of the risks of using trampolines as well as steps you can take to make trampoline use more safe. Also, you must be aware of the severity and high complication rate of elbow dislocations, even with treatment.
On Monday, we took a look at two common rashes: eczema and psoriasis. Did you remember the phrase ‘the itch that rashes’? Be mindful of how important it is to keep those dry rashes moisturized to help avoid cracking, bleeding and infection.
On Tuesday, we joined the conversation on the health exchanges accompanying the Affordable Care Act. While continuing to answer very important questions for you, we also want to point out that regardless as to any initial difficulties anyone is having signing up, benefits don’t begin until January 1st, so there’s plenty of time to get on board.
On Wednesday, we discussed a variety of mechanisms that produce contact dermatitis, including poison ivy/oak and diaper rashes. Be reminded to get treated and not to scratch so much you produce eczema.
On Thursday, we reviewed some items I believe should be in your medicine cabinet. This is a great example of how having knowledge of simple steps you can take can provide tremendous benefit during a critical time.
On Friday, we reviewed some items I believe you should take out of your medicine cabinet and lock up. Here’s another example of taking an ounce of prevention. Maybe you’ll remember what ‘purple drank’ is and be better able to screen the wayward activities of some teens.
On Saturday, we answered some frequently asked questions on contact lenses. Many behaviors involving contacts can have adverse effects, including infections, ulcers and even perforation. Proceed with caution.
Thanks for your continued and steady support of Straight, No Chaser.
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